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Start at Spoken Moto. Walk on the footpath on the outside of the parking lot (along Industrial Way). Cross Industrial Way and find the sign near Crosscut. Stop to answer question 1!


Continue on Bond Street toward Powerhouse Drive.


Turn right on Powerhouse Drive and head to the Deschutes River Trail. Don’t forget to find the flowers in question 2 along the river!


When you approach the Colorado Avenue Bridge, go in the tunnel to find the artwork in question 3.


After answering question 3, turn around, leave the tunnel and turn left onto the footpath that leads to the top of the bridge. Walk to the top and turn right on Colorado Avenue


Turn right on Industrial Way until you see Miyagi Ramen on the opposite side of the street. Cross the street here, then continue along Industrial Way until you reach Spoken Moto. You did it!

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