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Downtown Deluxe


About this Hunt
Embark on an exhilarating scavenger hunt through the heart of Bend, where history and culture come to life in unexpected ways. Perfect for inquisitive adults seeking a memorable one-hour adventure that highlights the vibrant character of Bend.


Your journey will lead you to iconic destinations such as the Tower Theatre, the enchanting McMenamins, and the intricate web of historic buildings that whisper stories of days gone by. Discover captivating sculptures, art, and intriguing curiosities scattered throughout the area. If you find yourself stumped along the way, fear not—hints are readily available to nudge you in the right direction. Each clue you solve contributes to your score. At the conclusion of your adventure, compare your score to other parties' to see how well you fared.

How to start
Ready to accept the challenge? Click the button below to gain immediate access to the Hunt for two weeks. The clues are provided through our website. Head to Downtown Bend and view your first clue.


Length 1-2 hours | Ages 14+ | Suggested party size 2-6

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