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What should I expect in a scavenger hunt?

You will work as a team to solve a set of thrilling and challenging clues. The clues will tell you a location to travel to and what to look for when you get there. All questions will be on your phone. Here is an example of a clue.

How do I access a Hunt?

Once you purchase a pre-made Hunt you will be given immediate access. Use the login and link provided at checkout or sent to your email to access the clues through our website. The Hunts are optimized for mobile, so you will have a smooth experience. 

If you purchase a Custom Hunt, we will work with you to provide the best experience whether that is on mobile or on paper.​

Where does a scavenger hunt take place?

Depending on the package your Hunt may be Downtown or in the Old Mill District.

How long are scavenger hunts?

A typical Hunt will take 1-2 hours.

Are there any age requirements?

Most Hunts are designed for adults. Check out the Cool Kids District package if you want something fun for kids.

What is the cost of a Hunt?

The cost of a Hunt starts at $20, but will depend on the package you choose.

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