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The Sunriver Spy

About this Hunt
Embark on an exclusive scavenger hunt designed for Village Properties guests! Using the clues provided to you on your phone, immerse yourself in excitement as you commence your self-guided mission to deliver crucial secret codes lost during your journey to Sunriver. 

Travel through the enchanting landscape of The Village at Sunriver, where every corner holds the promise of discovery. Decoding messages, uncovering hidden objects, and solving intricate clues during your adventure. If you get stumped, there is help along the way. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience as you unravel the mysteries in this immersive scavenger hunt!

How to start
Ready to accept the challenge? Click the button below to gain immediate access to the Hunt for two weeks. The Hunt will take place at The Village at Sunriver and the local businesses within. The clues are provided through our mobile website. 

Suggested start times due to local business hours:

10-3 on Mon, Wed, and Thur

10-4 on Fri and Sat

Not suggested on Tue and Sun 

Length 1-2 hours | Ages 12+ | Suggested party size 2-6


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