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Uncover hidden secrets, decipher intriguing clues, and immerse yourself in Bend's rich history, art, and culture.

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Scavenger Hunts


Cool Kids District



Your little detectives will embark on a quest to uncover mysteries and create family memories.

Valid for 2 weeks


Downtown Deluxe



Explore Downtown's secrets, hidden gems, & landmarks in a captivating adventure for adults.

Valid for 2 weeks

Bar Crawl

Curious Cocktails & Crafty Clues



A bar crawl through Downtown Bend, where local brews, crafted cocktails, and mystery await.

Valid for 2 weeks

Hunts For Everyone

Thrilling Scavenger Hunt

Thrill Seekers

Engaging clues suitable for all skill levels, providing challenges for seasoned solvers and a welcoming introduction for those new to the thrill of the Hunt.

Kid Friendly Scavenger Hunt

Tiny Trailblazers

Explore the Cool Kids District for family fun as your little ones take on a Hunt specifically designed for kids to unravel the mysteries.


Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt

Start a bar crawl for a lively expedition through Bend's vibrant bar scene, where local brews, craft cocktails, and camaraderie await.

- Huge Spring Discount -

Get Up To $20 Off

Try a free online Hunt!

Walk down the red river and enter the green oasis. Look all around and count the number of fabric vases.

"Great experience all around"

"We had SO MUCH FUN"

- Alex L.

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