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The Bend Hunt

A little bit about us
The Bend Hunt is a small local business based in the Bend, OR area. In 2019, we made a scavenger hunt for a friends going away party. Crafting the Hunt was an absolute delight, and witnessing the joy as people cracked the clues was truly rewarding. After that we continued on our journey and created Hunts that anyone around Bend could enjoy.

What is a Hunt?

During a scavenger hunt, you will view clues on your phone and interact with the environment to solve them. The clues may contain riddles, hidden messages, or secret cods, but have hints to help you along the way. There are packages designed for adults and for kids.

Village Properties VIP

We have made an exclusive scavenger hunt, The Sunriver Spy, for the guests of Village Properties. The only way to access The Sunriver Spy is through the link below.

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